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“The Punk Project is about the inner rebellion that’s coded deep in my DNA…if you landed here, I bet it’s in you, too.”

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a misfit marketer for the part of you that’s ready to embrace your inner rebel

We don’t do cookie-cutter anything here at The Punk Project.

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Listen, I know “dorky blonde girl” is not what you think of when you hear “punk project.”


But The Punk Project isn’t about what I wear, when I grew up, or what I listen to. It’s about the quiet storm. The inner rebellion that’s coded deep in my DNA. 

I don’t know if it’s my Type A tendencies or an inherited scrappiness sprouting out genetically from a long line of survivors. Whatever it is, if you landed here, I bet you have it too. 

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It’s the still-like-dust-I-rise phoenix swagger that nobody sees coming. It’s the roar that comes out of you (literally or figuratively) whenever burdened with the shitty expectations of society. 

Maybe it’s giving the finger to everyone that told you that having your first kid as a college dropout-working-a-minimum-wage-job-at-20, buying diapers with money from the change jar and pop can returns, in a marriage not yet a year old - would mean you’d only end up broke, in dead end jobs, perpetually away from your kid, and divorced.

Maybe it’s a Magna Cum Laude comeback to those that shook their head when you told them that yes, you were finally going to go back to school for that English degree after having two kids - oh, yes there’s another on the way - while your military husband was gone on Active Duty orders. 

Maybe it was a straight up fuck-you to those that watched you walk the fires of Postpartum Depression without reaching out. It’s the boxed out feeling from an industry telling you you can’t be an introverted marketer or business owner or coach or service-provider-that-deals-with-people.

You know what else it is, though?

It’s the grinch-like wicked pleasure you get from hearing someone tell you “you can’t do that” and then doing it so well, they eat their bitter words and choke as they slide down their throat like gravel. 

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And that has been the greatest reward of making friends with my inner rebellion - my very own punk project. My inner rebellion has become my intuition, my gut-check. And it’s been a wonderful, challenging friendship for my nerd brain - whose ever evolving + learning strategies to follow this punky heart. 

If you’re here, then I know you’ve been yearning for that acknowledgement - to know that everything that makes you a misfit is exactly what makes you wonderful (and *ahem* profitable). 

There is grit and magic in forging your own path and I believe with every cell of my black Joan Jett heart that it’s necessary to do so for your business. Especially in your marketing. 

And that right there is why I believe in email marketing and the data-backed magic that is funnels. It’s the type of marketing that is perfect for heart-centered hellions like you and I. 

It allows us to take a step back from all the shoulds and standards and expectations - everything all the coaches and gurus and “experts” that are seemingly yelling THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO [WHATHAVEYOU] - and do it instead in a way that was made for us. That feels as good as it sounds. 

Email marketing is one of the last true renegade forms of marketing that allows scrappy business owners like us to connect, heart-to-heart, at a conversational level and speak into the ears and psyche of our ideal clients (instead of adding to the yelling noise that is the rest of internet marketing). 

There’s a profound sense of freedom we get from walking our own path -- a breaking of chains that comes from being our truest, weirdest selves. In life, it leads to winding journeys of self-discovery and friendships. In business, it leads to poignant leadership, absolute clarity in how we serve, and the ability to receive the reward$ of taking the path less traveled. 

This is what I’m here to help you do: helping you find freedom in your “you”ness - and put *that* in your marketing.