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Repeatable lead generation so you can stop chasing and start closing

An email marketing laboratory for coaches + creatives. Step into my lab and together we’ll throw away all the “shoulds” of your marketing and mix up the perfect solution that will help you magnetize more leads, increase your bottom line, and grow your impact using thoughtful email marketing + funnels.


If your’e sitting here like “how TF do I funnel if I don’t even know what to do when I log into my email service?” then I’ve got a few ways I can help.

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email power intensive

A punchy 2-hour virtual intensive where we dive into your business, map out your next marketing campaign, email sequences, and funnel to create the comprehensive strategy that’s going to make you stop spinning your wheels and start filling your bank account.

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unf*ck your email

Your one week away from an uncluttered email system that works. If you’ve got a colossal email clean up on your hands or are migrating to a new service provider — this was made for you.

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From Internet Weirdo to Inbox Bestie - a 4-6 week done-with-you project that will leave you with an irresistible opt-in to boost your list growth and a #winning welcome sequence that will nurture those delicate new leads into booked clients.

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Yo, wassup - I’m Ashley.

I’m a funnel strategist, email marketing scientist, and a rebel-spirited entrepreneur with ONE question for you: What does “rebellion” mean to you? What if instead, “rebellion” was an invitation - to not just be different, but to be more you - in business & in marketing?

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