ONE start date to rule them all…

(**just kidding - but I really do only have 1 summer start date left!**)

Listen, you’ve done a lot of upleveling recently. You know that email marketing is the next step for you - to help cement your authority, stay in the brains of your peeps, and automate more $$$ to your biz - but face it, you’re totally overwhelmed.

I have just TWO summer start dates left for my signature Weirdo2Welcome package - the total email marketing overhaul that you need right now. If you’re planning on booking yourself out, making sales, or launching anytime this summer or fall - you gotta take care of that email NOW, boo thang!



from internet weirdo to inbox bestie: a 2-week dash to launch a new, custom-to-you welcome sequence + email strategy.

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Email: the powerful enigma that so many business owners know they SHOULD do. And when they finally get around to it, it lacks the strategy or purpose needed to convert subscribers to clients.

In Weirdo2Welcome, I’m going to take you through my signature creative process to designing a comprehensive email strategy just for you.

We’ll start with a kickoff call so I can dive into your business and get to know your client needs intimately to create aligned emails for you AND your audience.

What’s included:

  • custom created welcome sequence

  • upleveled client experiences via onboarding/offboarding emails

  • tech integrations + landing page creation

  • ongoing strategy + template creation

  • email marketing software optimization + tutorial


 So what’s next?

Schedule your marketing assessment call to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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